Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Officially Losing It!

I am now down 40 pounds from when I gave birth to Maddie. :)

The first 25 was pregnancy weight and then I've also removed another 25 pre-pregnancy weight. It feels good to know its gone. I have five more pounds to remove until I celebrate a little milestone. :)

Also, I've decided to go a little more natural. I went out and picked up some Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner as well as Burt's Bees body wash for the kids. I'm hoping the Tea Tree Oil will help clear up Maddie's cradle cap and I just overall enjoy how it makes my hair feel; thicker. :)

Also, I'm thinking about creating my own laundry detergent. I know Mellissa has the ingrediants on her blog so I'll go look them up. I've just really become leary of all the chemicals we put in and on our bodies. Oh, and I also picked up some organic deodorant...yeah, it doesnt work so well. But, it was expensive, so its gotta be used. :)

Alright then, three days off from work and then a week of in-service. I think I'll go in tomorrow to change out my office and move my stuff over to 6. I'm sure I'll take a few pics once we get the room set up. I'm really happy about the change and I greatly look forward to a very uneventful school year. :)
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