Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh so cute!

I got a text message this morning with a pic of Maddie at circle time at school. It is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!! I dont want to save it to this computer, since I'm sitting in the university library, so I'll have to wait until I get home and post it.

I seriously cant stop looking at it. I forwarded it to Daddy and then called just so we could chat about our little baby girl. Oh she is so big. :) Circle time and everything! :)

Ok, for a moment there I thought I'd just broken the computer. Whew! Anyway, we had a great speaker today in class, a mother of three kids with Autism. I must admit, this disorder scares me more than any other disorder out there. I was actually freaking out for a day when Madison was a few weeks old because she wouldnt hold eye contact, and yet, I should have known that infants do not hold long periods of eye contact. So, anyway, I'm thinking of writing a paper on the topic, that or Downs Syndrome, both would benefit me with my job.

Alrighty then I'm off to locate a worker so we can track down an article. :)
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