Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm trying to be better...

I've learned a great deal from how I've been treated on how I want to treat others.

I know I've sent out emails with the expectation that they'll be responded to quickly and yet I've overlooked other emails because it just wasnt a huge interest to me, and for that I'm sorry. I just actually responded back to a party invite that I'd had for a few days. I should have responded earlier, not even thinking that this mom probably would have really loved to have had a head count before the night before the party.

And chatting isnt always my strong point, especially if its with someone I dont feel that close of a bond with, yet I know there are people in this world that I truly enjoy chatting with and when I dont get part of his/her time, it can be, at times a bit painful/disappointing, therefore I chatted a good bit today because someone took the time to seek me out and say hi.

There is a relationship out in this world that has bothered me for years and I just cant seem to get it straight. I get so frustrated at times. And you know what, I've never prayed about it, only tried to control it, thinking I'm always right, and I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own awesomeness that I dont even realize that people can live without me and advice.

I think too highly of myself at times.

So, these are the things I'm working on; these are my faults, my shortcomings that tend to cause wrinkles in mine or other's lives. With God's help I'll continue to grow. Just be patient with me, world.
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