Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My little friend

They tell me you were born 4 months early.
I stare at you in awe.

I worry about aluminum levels in food, shots, while you've tasted chemo and auto-immune suppressants.

I wonder how you made it. I wonder how many times God spoke to your tiny heart, told you it was ok, told you to hold on, to fight just a little longer.

I rock you, trying to put you to sleep, yet realizing its probably pointless, you dont sleep.
I stop, you pull the cover off your face, smile the biggest smile and whipser, "hi".
I whipers back, "hi".
You pull the cover back up.
I rock.

I dont mind if you dont fall asleep.
You can stay up and just look at me.
You can stay up and just smile at me.

You are truly amazing and you have captured my heart. I am yours.

Whatever you need, I'll do. For the next 363 days I'm all yours.

Whisper to me again.
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