Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's late and I'm the only one up.

My throat tickles and I have a small cough.

I miss my mom.

I just read, slightly, of the loss of a baby, and my heart is so saddened.

Kristen is getting divorced and will be moving home some time next week.

I think maybe my trash is stinky. I get a faint smell of something but cant put my finger on it. It sort of smells like sweet coffee. I'm sure that stands for tomatoe peels and coffee beans...mmm, mmm, good. :)

I went by Greenlife today, our local "green" grocery store, and felt as if I bought it out. Our fridge is stuffed with good food, our bellies are full, our hearts are content, and yet I still feel a bit alone tonight. I think I'll go cuddle with hubby. :)
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