Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Book of Joshua

I began reading the Book of Joshua last night.

I've always felt that a name is very special and any child given a biblical name carries a great deal of that character. Thats probably why I've never been able to do it, I just cant decide on which character I'd want to "put" on my child. :) I know, that sounds odd, but anyway...

Joshua was a military man and his success came through submission to God. When I finish the book I'll be posting the scriptures that spoke to me. I always take notes when I read the Bible, and my list has already begun. :)

My dad headed out this morning. It was great spending time with him. It was very relaxing. We enjoyed a great amount of foodball together and food. We share alot of traits, which I'm proud to say. :)

I'm runnin' late, gotta go! God bless you and enjoy your Hump Day!!
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