Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Girl

My family has always passed down names, jewelry, land, and furniture. I was so thrilled when Maddie turned out to be a girl because then I knew I'd continue the tradition. So Maddie and I were in the spare bedroom when I decided to take a few pics of her on her one-day-big-girl-bed. :)
Maddie sitting in her bed. Please excuse the "mess" around it, this room is a bit of a storage/guest room. I used this bed while I grew up and its about 175 years old.

Maddie checking out the bed while doing some tummy-time. There is a beautiful quit on the bed as well as tons of pillows, just the way my mom had it last at her house and at the bottom of the bed is another quilt that, I think, a great, great grandmother made. I hangs over the footboard. I guess I should have gotten a better pic so you could see it all, but oh well, next time. :)

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