Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Fam

Maddie slept propped up on a pillow, next to me last night. It seems to help with the stuffy nose. She ran a fever of 100.4 yesterday and Friday night and its now back down to 99. I'm torn over whether or not to call the pedi. She still seems to be feeling pretty good. She needs me a great deal, is taking some more naps, but other than that she's still eating and playing.

We didnt make church this morning for one, I over slept, but really I wasnt planning on taking Maddie out anyway. I see no need in exposing her to any other germs or sharing hers with others. So, today has been about laundry and bedroom cleaning. I dont know how or why our bedrooms end up so messy. Well, I take that back, Sean and Jeremy are pretty messy people. :) Sean is really trying, though. I asked him Friday if he'd please start putting his dirty dishes into the dishwasher and he totally has. I know its different for him, he's just not use to having one, even though we've had it for 3 years now. Hmmmm, interesting. :) And speaking of Sean, he's out at the grocery store at the moment, picking up some stuff, chili for dinner. mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, good. :)

Jeremy has been with his dad this weekend and I'll be getting him tomorrow. I miss the little booger. Tuesday is either practice or game and game on Thursday. He is loving football and I love watching him play. He puts all he as into it whether its practice or game. He just seriously enjoys playing. I think he's found his niche in this. I think he needs the extra physical activity as well, it seems to help his attitude all around, and plus, he's exhausted come night time. :) I spoke with Greg yesterday about studying. He still hadnt picked up those flash cards, but again, I stressed the importance of them. He got upset that the teacher sent home old vocab and spelling words but I explained to him that if Jeremy scored a 61 in that subject than he surely hadnt mastered the words so what harm would it be to learn them or study them again. :) I think he understood.

So, this is just my life, nothing here seems so important that it should be placed out into the world, but then again, why should I think I must write to change the world or anyone in it? :)

I love God, I love my family, and I love you. :)
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