Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ph.D. for me? Realy??

The real me, naked. Well, not really naked, but you know what I mean: just bathed, no make up, tired, ready for bed. Yep, just one jacked-up-eye-brow-beauty. :)

When my dad was down here last, he joked about how I'd have my ph.d. before he would. Yeah, right, right? :) Anyway, it hit me today while driving into work and then later while at work, that my life is about deciding what kind of experiences I'd like to have.

I've been working on and off my Master's for 5 years now. 5 years is quite a bit of time. It was actually my husband who inspired me to go back to school. Right after I had met him he went back and it sparked the urge I have for learning, so, I went back as well. :)

So, yeah, I've decided, I'll go for my Ph.D. as well. And, I've also decided to get it in Early Intervention. My job title is Early Intervention Specialist. Do I feel like a specialist?? Not really, but I certainly know more than I did 5 years ago, I certainly know more than others when it comes to this field, so, therefore I feel pretty confident in my title and knowledge of early childhood, birth to three years.

Yep, thats what I'll do...Early Intervention. It's such a new field. Maybe I'll even get into some research areas. Now thats always been a pleasure of mine. :)

Anyway, I spent my lunch break with Maddie out on the playground at school. We usually just hang out inside, especially when it rains for a hundred straight years. :) It was nice being outside again and I took a quick pic of her swinging. She wasnt all excited about it. I think she's more use to the family swing we have at the house where we all sit in it and just swing. :) It's a purchase I made right after she was born so we could just sit outside and be together. I've made some create memories out there. :)

Baby girl swingin'

So, this weekend is full to the brim: weddings, church, family, and cancer walks. It shall be fun...and busy. :)

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