Thursday, September 17, 2009

So proud of Jeremy

Jeremy has been working so hard lately on his school work. :) We received his progress report Monday: Math 98, Spelling 77, Reading 61. Yep, I was shocked.

I called his dad immediately since his dad picks him up from school and does homework with him. Now, I'm not blaming his dad, well, I'm just saying that I'm not mad at his dad. :) I asked him if they had been working on his flashcards to which his dad said no, and then I reminded him how the teacher specifically said get flashcards done on all the words and study them through out the week.

I must admit, my heart breaks a bit for him. It seems Jeremy will struggle and be required to work a bit harder than others to maintain his grades. However, I will not allow my son to fall behind, nor will I allow him to lose "faith" in himself, and I use this word losely. It's just that if kids gets discouraged in themselves, its so hard for them to find satisfaction again in school.

It took us two hours to write those flashcards, and each day, and morning, we put in extra time to make sure he'll do well come test time. I even asked his teacher Tuesday, at open house, if we could get our words on Friday so that we'd have the weekend to study for the next week.

The wonderful part is that Jeremy is trying so hard. He wrote all his sentences last night by himself. He wants to do well and he's willing to put forth the effort thats required to make that happen. And, he also loves football and understands that school must come first; homework will be done before practice or games or we dont go. My son's future will never be taken lightly. He's my boy and he awesome! :)
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