Sunday, October 25, 2009

Always Happy In The Mornings

Maddie is always happy when she wakes up. Rarely does she ever wake up crying or even fusing. She usually lets out a few grunts or a "hey!' to let us know she's awake and then we always get a huge squeal and giggle when we go in to get here.

I really think her personality has to do with how she came into this world and how she's been treated since she's been here. Now, let me first say that my way is in no way the best way for you or the way I feel every woman should go, but I truly think our homebirth did make a different in how I got to bond with Maddie as well as how confident I felt as a mother. Both my boys had long, hard labors and both came into this world crying and screaming. There personalities were very different as well. Not that I'd trade them for anything, but I was younger with different beliefs back then. With Austin I was told to let him cry it out, with Jeremy I never felt confident enough, and with Maddie both of those aspects are different now.

So, I think the homebirth, the swaddling, and the baby-wearing has made a difference in her own self-soothing abilites and her confidence that when mom and dad are needed, we are there to help in any way. Again, all my children are wonderful, but I do notice a different in the way I'm raising Maddie and in her personality. And yes, lets not forget about the whole genetic component here. Some people feel the personality is formed at conception, I, on the other hand am a nurture AND nature type critic and feel they both come into play in our development.

But alas, going back, I am blessed and so enjoying this morning with my baby girl. :) Austin and Jeremy are both away this weekend or I would have loved to get a few morning pics of them as well. :)
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