Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Being Selfish With My Words

I wish you could look inside my world and tell me what you see.

I have so many thoughts, desires, dreams, and hopes that sometimes getting them all out into the world is just impossible.

I'm living a fantastic adventure. No, it doesnt aways go the way I would have liked, and I definitly dont always get my way, but when I take a moment to step back and just get a glimpse of it, I'm pretty amazed.

Maddie is a belly sleeper now and is pretty much back to her all nighters. Jeremy is on fall break and will be going camping with his dad this weekend. Austin is 16 and driving, need I say more? :)

~ I'll be back at school in a few months.
~ I'd like to pick up a Jewish bible.
~ My body is still getting older. No matter how many times I think it should respond the way it use to, it just doesnt.
~ I am happy, grateful, humbled, and blessed that I have the Lord.
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