Sunday, October 18, 2009

Join Me in the Wii Fit Challenge

So, the Wii Fit Plus is out and I'm so tempted to purchase it, however, I still have plenty of locked games on my own Wii Fit. So, I've decided to take the Wii Fit Challenge. It will simple consist of me unlocking all the Wii Fit games and then at that point I will feel deserving enough to purchase the Wii Fit Plus.

So, want to join me? Got a Wii Fit? Let's unlock em' and then happily lay out another $60 for the next step up, or so I'm imagining in my head. And yes, I am hoping somewhere online the line I'll break through my plateau of weight loss and start moving again.



Did Standing Knee twice with 10 minutes of free step, doing 1021 steps. It felt good for a quick work out. Also, I was down 1.8 pounds from my last body test which was 36 days ago. I've set my new goal of - 1.5 pounds in the next two weeks. Lets see if we can do it!
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