Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Breathing Treatment!

So, I'll be stopping off at the local minute clinic this morning. I'm having a hard time breathing. I seem to have some sort of chest cold that burns my lungs to breath, causes a terrible sore throat and horseness, and at night leaves me with the feeling my lungs are drowning or maybe just covered in tar. :(

I dont like the feeling. I'm not feeling too terribly bad. My ears hurt a little and yesterday at work I was pretty worn down but I think that was from the breathing issue. My school nurse said they may give me a breathing treatment. What?! It's like an epidemic of those little machines come fall/winter time. I've always thought it was such a terrible thing to see those little kids needing their treatments. The world needs to seriously wake up and make changes when little kids cant breath this air. But there again, just my opinion. :)

Maddie's nose started running again yesterday. (At first I typed running around. Ha! It made me giggle.) So, I'm also going in today in hopes that whatever I have, I can trap it, stomp it out good, and she wont get it. I wasnt happy when the doctor said allergies. I've always prided myself on having kids that were never sick, never need antibiotics, and yet, I'm not so sure anymore. And anyway, the prideful thing needs to be broken down all together. But still...

So, I'm gonna go and try and hack up a lung. I hope you enjoy your day today. I'll be over at the school putting some finishing touches on our class in case NAEYC stops by this coming week. :)
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