Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crazy Funny

So, my cousin calls me and we're chatting when she tells me that her little boy is just so excited about Halloween because of all the candy he says he's gonna get. And then he asks what holidays will be coming up next. As they run through the list they hit onto Easter and he gets all excited again, talking about how he just loves those little easter eggs that the easter bunny leaves and how he always poops in their toilet.

Wait a minute!

I stopped her here and was like, "what? he poops in the toilet??" Yep, it seems dad takes two of those little chocolate covered eggs, unwraps them, smears a bit of chocolate on some toilet paper, drapes part of it in the toilet and drops the two eggs in.

The kids think the easter bunny took a dump at their house. That is freakin' crazy!!!
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