Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Day in the Life of a Mother

It started at 4:50 a.m. when I rolled over and realized I wanted to hug my husband. I got up and went into Maddie's room where he sleeps and has been for about the past 3 months. He's there to make sure she's good; to make sure if she wakes up she's taken care of, i.e. brought to Momma. :)

I walk in to find him opening his arms so wide to give me a hug. My thought, "uh-oh, he so thinks I'm here for more than a hug." Ohhhhh, and people I so have a post for you later. Yep, yep, some serious drama...

So, I get a hug and then run back to my bed for 10 minutes of sleep. I seriously did. Then it was up to clean bottles, check updates on the computer, pump some milk, get everyone's clothes together-almost everyone's that is. :)

I actually didnt put out Jeremy's clothes this morning and when he awoke he had a small fit. He finds me in the kitchen just to tell me that I didnt lay out his clothes. "Yes, son, thats right, you can do it yourself." Well, it seems that today he couldnt and he enjoyed telling me how he had "NO SOCKS!". Whatever, it was just his male gene that kept him from seeing them and I gladly pointed that out as I pulled the socks from the drawer.

Then it was to make bottles where right after getting them all set up, I accidently pushed one straight into the dogs water bowl. Yep, yep, that was a mess. Water went everywhere, to which I blew off and said, "uh, water dries, there's no need to clean that up." The rest of the morning was spent trying to step over water puddles to which did not work.

After Jeremy was up and I instructed him to get his stuff together I glanced over to see the report card laying on the couch. It was then I remembered how I'd forgotten to write a letter to his teacher and now with 10 minutes left to go, needed to do so. We have a teacher's meeting later this day...nothing bad, just the regular stuff.

So, it was to scribble some words while Jeremy enlightened me how his beautiful cursive writing, Maddie was waking up, and I still needed my stamps from Sean, who so graciously picked them up for me yesterday after he forgot to give me back my debit card. :)

Sean wakes up to get the stamps, steps in the water puddles, makes a comment on the gift I'd left for him to which I only stated, "its water, and water dries"...eventually. :) Oh, and thats when I filled him in on the fact that the toilet was stopped up and I was sorry but I didnt have the time to un-stop it...thats pretty much a regular thing for me. I actually can blow my nose, throw the tissue in the toilet and BOMB it doesnt work any longer. Who knew? :)

We made it out the door and the rest of the day has begun. Also, my class was picked for, fun, but no time for that, my lunch break is over!
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