Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yep, thats right, I'll be pulling out the test tomorrow morning.

Now, lets just stop for a moment before anyone in my family actually freaks out too badly. Do I feel pregnant? No. Do I think I'm pregnant? Probably not. I'm just late and tomorrow I'll be 4 days late and decided that would be long enough to wait and then test. Oh, and dont worry, since I'm posting this here, I'll be sure to post the results in the morning so you wont be worring or ringing my phone off the hook. :)

Lets just back up a moment now. My body is very regular, even after having my babies and the body goes through its healing process, 4 weeks later I'm back on track, even while breastfeeding. I like my cycles, they are never too painful, never too long, and they ALWAYS let me know everything is working properly, i.e. no pregnancy. :)

So, I received my second shot over a month ago, and at that time my cycles lasted 10 days and were 10 days apart, yeah, fun, but I was ok with it cause again, they were never painful nor nevery heavy, and again, I always knew I wasnt pregnant. :)

This last cycle month started normally, ended shorter than 10 days, it was actually just like my normal cycle, just 4 days or so and then mid cycle I realized I was cramping which I was surprised by since I hadnt thought I'd O'ed since getting my shot or at least had no real bodily proof of it, and then about 6 days ago I went through two days of pretty intense cramping. Well, I just played it off to the fact that I was at the end of my cycle and was do to start. I actually checked my chart and got a little freaked out until a day later realized I was looking at the wrong day and was 3 days short of my cycle day of 24. And now CD 24 has come and passed and I'm sitting here writing to you explaining it all.

I had my freak out moments a few days ago. I usually have two days of spotting to get myself ready for the big sha-bang but there again, nothing and thats when I began questioning. Like I said, I worried, I freaked out, internally of course for you heard no word of it here, and then I just came to the conclusion after moments of resentment, fear, and utter "I just cant do this again!" thoughts, that possibly is was the combination of breastfeeding and the shot that has stopped everything. Whew, I could breath again. :)

And yet, those two days of cramping keep popping back into my head. The O keeps returning and yet even though I was making note of my cycle days I wasnt charting happy times with hubby so I just dont know when or where anything took place. :)

Oh, and here's the main reason I needed this cycle to end, I'm scheduled for an IUD whenever the menstration begins. So, its like, come on, little AF, its time, we got things we need to get done. I actually called the office when this cycle first started and was like, "is it in yet, is it in yet? I've started, I'm so ready!" Nope, they'd call me when it got there. :) I'll be calling tomorrow no matter what the test says. :)
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