Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got Picked

So, my room got picked for the NAEYC evaluation yesterday.

The lady was nice. We did a great job. Well, we did the best we could do with 12 toddlers. :) Sometimes I think our numbers are too high, sometimes I think my job is too stressfull, but then a child masters a goal or builds a friendship and then I couldnt imagine being any place else.

I'm gonna lay off the coffee for a bit. I'm getting dehydrated and needing more water. And yes, this is leaning toward my milk supply. Next month the dr. says Maddie can eat two meals a day. What?! My baby seems liks she's almost grown. :)

Jeremy is doing well in school. He graduated up a level in reading. :) And Austin was scheduled to go get his lincenses tomorrow but his dad's job came up and it's not gonna happen just yet. I needed a few more days to get a sub for me to take off, unless its an emergency or something.

Tomorrow is Friday. :)
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