Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not in a great mood...

I am happy in my class. I am not happy with what's outside my doors.

Jeremy's dad is concerned about buying Jeremy clothes from Wal-Mart. I'm frustrated over this point. Life is not about image, its about the Lord, and its through salvation that we're saved from the fear of rejection, especially due to our clothes.

I just recently took Jeremy into the Good Will, he had a blast. :) We picked up two pairs of pants, both for $4.00.

I'd rather not go to work today. I'd rather just lock myself away on an island somewhere, with my family, eat popcorn, drink coffee, and play the wii fit. :) Yet, as I tossed and turned through out the night, I'd wake up to hear myself say, "let your will be done, Lord." And I know its true. I'm throwing my hands up today and asking the Lord to take it all. My words are to be His words, my actions to be His actions. I want my love to be His love. I dont want to exist today. I dont want the responsibility nor the failure to fall on me. I just want Him.
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