Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I love you! My life would suck without you."

Jeremy, at the Ronald McDonald Fair. Oct. 2009

This is the message I received yesterday from my husband. :) I wrote back, "are you being sarcastic?" I mean come on, the I love you part I get, but to say your life would suck?? His response, "no, crazy woman." :)

I do understand what he means. I feel as if I've known Sean for forever and that he's been a part of my life since the beginning. I still feel terrible, at times, that I've been married and divorced twice before and that I couldnt make it work out better, but I know in my heart this is where I'm to be. So, yeah, my life would suck, too, baby! :)

So, going backwards, Sunday was very enjoyable. Church was great and just making it was an accomplishment since sickness has had us out for about a month. We received our new books for sunday school which I do believe will be a good read. Adventures in Missing The Point, is the new book which is actually a collection of essays on different topics. The first one being salvation and how many people have gotten the wrong idea. :)

After church I took Austin over to Jill's and oh, I'll have to post his pics from the weekend. :) We then headed back home but ran into the Ronald McDonald fair and decided to stop. As you see above, there were mandy different characters as well as games, huge blow up slides and horses to ride. We did them all and ended it off with a funnel cake and lemonade. :) Maddie was extremely happy in her stroller with a pinwheel. It was actually a great moment to just spoil Jeremy with. :)

Saturday we headed out to celebrate Dr. Wong's birthday. Dr. Wong actually passed away the day/night before Maddie was born. When Sean called and told me that day he also said, "and dont ya think it would be a good day to have a baby?" Dr. Wong would have agreed as well. One goes out and one comes in. :)

We all met over at Dr. Wong's house, we introduced Maddie to everyone, and then headed over to the cemetary where we performed a chinese custome of honoring someone. Sean, Maddie, and I actually did it as a family. It was nice. We then headed over to Chef Lins (sp) where we yearly celebrate his birthday. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, the food was delicious. And Maddie just sat up in her high chair enjoying it all. :)

I love my family. :)
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