Thursday, October 1, 2009

In The Middle and Glee!

I picked up a new tv show, In The Middle. It's about a family, mom, dad, with three kids. Mom tries to hold down a home, family, and, can I relate. :) It was very cute, upbeat, and different from my love of serious ole' House.

Every time I watch Glee I'm thrown back into high school in my own choir. I remembered last night that my chior teacher was one of the first teachers I told I was pregnant. Because we preformed and wore these cute little dresses, once you were past the freshman stage, I dreaded the idea of not being able to be apart of the group because of my growing belly. She was so super nice to me. She said, "ohhh, it happens to all women. :)" I was shocked, especially from her. She lived music and expected us to as well. :) Good times...

So, Glee is a very dinamic show. It flops from here to there and everywhere with tons of lead characters, all of which mirror different aspects of life and characters who roam around in it. It's a show where anyone and everyone can relate even if they never have or never will sing in public. I'm still not a huge fan of Will but thats because thats just my own issue with his boy-band look a like characteristcs. Oh and hubby chanted Music Man a few times during the show. I so wish I remembered names of actors/actresses, but I dont, so I have nothing left give ya here...but my good-byes :)
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