Friday, October 2, 2009

Just my little rant...

Personally, I dont know why anyone would want to inject a live virus into their bloodstream.

Do we seem to "catch" them that way? Nope. Well, unless you've got a scratch or something and then I'm not so sure, but still, I dont think it goes straight into the blood. And, maybe I should take this back a bit, some shots are given into the muscle and its released slowly into the blood, i.e. aluminum. *feels frustrated at the medical field*

And now lets speak of mercury. 25mg is what is in a flu shot and some dont think this is a big deal. I was always under the impression mercury didnt leave the body, that it was stored, in everything, every cell, every where. And, if you get a nice 25 mg. dose once a year, well, what are ya doing??

I need to re-read. I need to educate. I need a medical degree.

I read recently the H1N1 vaccine is a live virus. My work is offering the vaccine for free. I will not be getting it. I predict half my co-workers will be out of work due to flu related illness due to this shot.

Sometimes I wish I lived on my own little island, made my own little rules, and just got to hang out with family, friends, and God all day. With the priviledge of course to kick off any family/friends whenever I had the need/desire. :)

Make it a blessed day!
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