Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Missing and Wondering

I miss my boys. I'm gonna see Jeremy play tonight and then he comes back home with me. It's been a few days since I've seen him due to the flu. Austin comes back home tomorrow. :) He's been in Fl. with his dad's family on fall break. I sure have missed my boys. Maybe I'll just run around and snap pics of them this week/weekend so I can ooohh and aweee over them. :)

I looked at Maddie today and thought to myself that I needed to pull up a pic of Sean's other dauther, Katherine to see how much they look alike. Every time I look at my baby girl I see her daddy and it, in some crazy way, maks me love him even more. :)

I hope Katherine's good. I still have a sour taste in my mouth but what is, is. I'm sure I dont want anymore drama in my life. And maybe I dont even want to share Sean as a daddy, but there's just something thats hurtful to me when a daughter cant know her dad. Anyway, I need to get off this subject and stay far, far away from it. :)

Heal my heart, Lord, and heal Katherine's, too, if its in any way broken or sad.

Being a mom doesnt just mean being a mom to your own biological kids, its being responsible for all kids, kids you know, kids you dont know, they some how all kreep into your world, into your heart, and you just wanna hold them there and keep them safe.

ok, maybe my sugar's getting low, I'm sounding...blahish :)
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