Saturday, October 31, 2009

Picking Up A Fan!

I've been thinking about getting a laptop, a notebook, or possibly even a netbook. It's something I've talked about, my oldest son needs one, too, maybe we could share it, you know any good reason to actually go get one. :) So I mention it again last night and my hubby is all in agreement and then I start saying nah there's really no need and he's all like, *paraphrasing* "yeah there is, so you can sit over there and blog!" Ohhhhhh, how sweet. And then he goes into telling me how he gets up every morning and reads my blog. I was so touched. I think it was one of those moments where I put my hand on my chest and did the whole, "really? Ohhhhhhhhh...." And then my next question, "are you clicking on my banners and voting for me??!!" He had no clue he was to vote, and then I started thinking maybe you didnt have a clue either. :)

So, if you'll just take a moment and look straight up or over to the left, you can see two different styles of banners, both are links to Top Baby Blogs where I'm listed and ranked. All you need to do is click and it instantly sends a vote for my blog. A page will also open up where you can check out other blogs as well as see where I'm ranked for the day. This morning I was sitting at lucky number 13.

So, now we all know and I'd grately appreciate any love you'd like to spare for my blog. You can click away at every visit. :) Thanks!
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