Friday, October 23, 2009

Renovation, A No Go...

We moved in almost three years ago. We took over payments because my in-laws were'nt able to keep up with them, or so they say.

And let me take a moment here and say I'm actually upset at the moment while I write this, not about this situation, but another, having to do with a completely different family all together. :) There, that feels better.

My FIL (father-in-law) made big promises about fixing this house up, getting it all ready for us to buy..blah, blah, blah. I waited and waited and waited. More things contniue to break and were really fixed. My heart was broken. My soul was sickened. Really. This relationship that I have with my in-laws has become posionous and its a daily battle for me.

So, my MIL (mother-in-law) calls me up two weeks ago and informs me that she has met a guy who has cabinets for our kitchen. My FIL decided to gut the kitchen for a remodel but then ran out of money some where along the line and was never able to finish hanging cabinets. We've made due, though. I pulled some ideas from some home magazines and hung up shelves for storage and such, but still, would love more cabinets. So, I was really excited to hear we may get the kitchen finally done, however, I was gonna have to pay for it. Now, that I wasnt happy about, even if it was $25 per cabinet. I know, so cheap right?!! So, I say yes, lets do two cabinets and we can work on it piece by piece.

A few days go by and I call my MIL to check on the progress of it all. Well, she informs me that she actually hasnt gone by to get them yet. Ok. So, I see her again last night, which is two weeks now, and I ask again about the cabinets. She cant seem to find the guy.

My first thought, was wondering if she was even going to tell me that we werent going to do the project. Was she just gonna act like nothing happened??

My second thought, was, well, at least I'm not really upset over it. This would have devoustated me 6 months ago. I would have pouted over this for at least a month before getting irrate at my in-laws again. And yet this time I didnt. I let it go. It's a pattern and I've come to accept it.

Life is what is it is. My family and I are healthy and happy and have many blessings. I would love a gorgeous home, but then again, I think I'd love it too much. :) My God and my family come first, as they always should. I am honored and blessed that the good Lord keeps me sheltered from such materialsim. And thats just a happy way of saying its great to be middle class. :)

Enjoy your Friday and love one another!

p.s. Papa, please excuse any misspelled words, I felt I had a few or now I'm just paranoid over your comment. :)
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