Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

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Dearest Jeremy,

Thank you so much for going shopping with me this morning. I loved how you danced around and sang the whole time. Your sister also enjoyed your entertainment. I also enjoyed you playing with the Bop It. You're gonna be so suprised when you open it up for Christmas since I lied and told you it was for your cousin. :) Don't be upset, my mom use to do the same thing to me. :)

You're a great kid, you know it? And, you looked super cool in that new hat we picked up. Thanks for helping me make and eat all the cookies this weekend. Thanks for sharing in on the Thanksgiving feast and for becoming a fan of My Name Is Earl with me. I enjoy spending time with you. :)

I love you. You're the best!

Love always and forever,


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