Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Medela Breast Pump Review

I've been using the Medela Symphony Breast Pump for almost two months now, and I think its time for me to rave about it's results.

Let me first start at the beginning, around 7 months ago I began using the Avent hand held breast pump. I'd used it with my second child and felt very confident that it would do the job with my new baby. However, babies nurse differently. :) My second son was a crazy-boob-baby. He nursed every 2 hours, loved it, and I'm sure dreamed about nursing when he wasnt. He had a great latch, and so my body understood the high demand for breastmilk and complied.

With my new baby girl, well, she seems a bit more delicate and only seems to want the nipple when it comes to nursing. I was worried about her latch from the beginning but continued to be reassured that everything was fine by my midwife, and yet month after month my supply continued to go down. I fretted over giving up completely or just supplementing half her bottles with formula. I also tried another pump, a Playtex electric but sadly received the same results.

It was then I began calling around to local hospitals asking if they rented out breast pumps. I figured if a hospital stood behind a product, well, maybe then it'd do a good job, and I was right. Medela is very well known among the maternity wards, and it just so happened that they were all sold out except for one, the Medela Symphony. Now, I've priced this model and have recently seen it as high as $1250, yet I think most stores carry it for $300 - $500. I was torn over buying the machine so instead opted for a $78/month rental.

I took it home and began pumping right away. Within a few days my supply had gone from 3 oz to 5 from each breast and has remained there today. I love the dial pumping setting as well as the let down phase. The machine actually mimics the action of a nursing baby, therefore, allowing your body to naturally produce milk. Even though I turn my Medela to the highest setting, it's always comfortable, and it's never taken me longer than 10 minutes to get the supply I need. And now my baby girl is happy, with a full tummy, with a Momma who is able to ensure she's receiving only the best. Thanks, Medela, for making a product that's dependable and works. :)

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