Monday, November 16, 2009

Traditions and Family

So, with a new baby in the house, I'm wanting to bring in new traditions. So, I grabbed this little cookie plate while I was out shopping yesterday. Here's what I have planned for this year:

1. buying a live tree, peferably the day after Thanksgiving
2. decorating the tree with yearly ornaments. I've already picked up Maddie and Jeremy's ornaments for this year. :)
3. decorating stockings
4. opening up and wearing new, cute p.j's on Christmas Eve
5. baking cookies and a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve. the cookies can be eating that night, but we'll save the cake for Christmas.

Also, I loved the ideas that Jess left about the graham cracker house. I've done that before at a playdate but never just here at the house. I think I'll look for one at the store, I've seen them out before, and we can make one for decoration. :)

And, then, speaking of family. I had forgotten my camera on the Nashville trip so I had to use my phone, but use it I did. Below are some pics from the playground. We had a great time and I truly enjoyed watching Christian compete. I hope to go to another one soon. :)

Daddy and Maddie and Dylan

Bubba, swinging

Bubba, Dylan, and Dalton

Maddie doing pull-ups with Daddy's help

And proof Austin does make family trips!

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