Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome To Marvelous Monday

So, today is a bit different for me. Maddie woke up yesterday with a very yellow nose and she had a terrible time sleeping last night so we have an appointment today for 11:30. She seems fine but with her being so young, I didn't feel comfortable just picking up some meds off the shelf, and plus, her breath is super stinky which is a sure sign of infection.

Which are you more comfortable with antibiotics or over-the-counter drugs?? Which has more side effects? That, I'm really not sure of. Maddie hasn't had any antibiotics so I can't even say with 100% confidence that she isn't allergic to pennacilin. Did I spell that correctly?? Who knows. :)

So, since she seems to be feeling fine other than the snot issue, I figured we'd go ahead and get some things out of the way while we're out, i.e., change my name to my married name since I got a letter in the mail in regards to my name not being legal with my savings account, get a new tag for the neon so Sean has a car in case he actually needs to drive it other than his work truck, stop off at Hobby Lobby, which I love, and pick up a Santa frame for the new Santa pics we took yesterday, and I also have an appointment to meet with my advisor at school to set up classes for next sememster. Can we get it all done??? Or course not, but we'll try really hard. :)

And, lastly, if you haven't noticed, there is a poll on the left hand side of the blog that I'd love for you to participate in. I'll be posting on the results later in the week.
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