Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Morning

As I sit here sipping on a cup of sugar, Irish cream, with a splash of coffee, I smile cause it's Christmas Eve. :)

I think of Mary and the birth of my savior.

It's dark out and I'm the only one awake. The bird is even still asleep, with a darn piece of broccoli sitting next to him. My husband and his crazy ideas. He so knows Rod doesn't like vegtables; oh, but hubby knows he's to eat them. :)

*takes another sip of sugar*

We're heading out of town today. This is the first time since my mom passed away 3 years ago that I've looked forward to the holidays. I keep telling myself to write a letter to her, but I kind of feel weird writing to the dead.

Austin, my oldest, 16 year old, informed me that he hopes there is nothing after death, just nothing. He says when he dies he just wants to be finished and I told him, well you can't be finished. It's been a bit of a pain raising myself, he seems to be a mirror image of me at times and well, I've come to understand I may have been hard to deal with as a teenager. :)

I'm holding off on picking up my middle boy, Jeremy, today until it's almost time to leave. He's 7 so it's hard for him to understand "later". Actually, it's just hard for him to wait on anything really. But he's passionate and well, you gotta respect and love passion. :)

Well, everyone is now waking up, Daddy is carrying Maddie in here as I type. "My Time" is done. :) Hold your family close, and remember, for those who believe, the greast gift ever is the birth of Christ.
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