Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Baby Organic PUFFS Review

Maddie has now learned how to shake her head no and mean it. Seriously. She's been doing it for a couple of weeks now but it's just recently that I actually have admitted that she means what she's saying.

And, she's decided she no longer wants to eat baby food while at home. Yep, she's decided to just go ahead and skip straight into finger foods. It started with crackers and her Daddy. It took one bite and she was in love with the bleached floured little squares - nothing against crackers but I work very hard to keep my baby on organic food and so I wasn't the happiest of campers to know her favorite food was the cracker. So, I decided to head down to the local organic grocery store and at least pick up some organic crackers, but what I found instead was magical.

HappyBaby Organic PUFFS are now the desired food for little Maddie, and, with them being a good source of iron, vitamin D, calcium, and other B vitamins, I'm pretty happy to meet her demands. HappyBaby also includes a little section to help determine if your little one is ready for the bite size fun. "You will know your baby is ready to try puffs when they can do the following:

1. crawl on their hands and knees, without their tummy touching the floor

2. eat thicker solids with larger pieces

3. use their jaws to mash food with gums

4. pick up food to eat on their own with thumb and forefinger."

So, the next time you're looking for a meltable finger food you can be confident in, trusting in the BPA Free container, made with whole grains, and with half the sugar than the leading baby brand puffs, think HappyBaby And, just to keep you up to date, instead of little "no" head shakes, now we're working on signing the word, "more". I think we'll have it soon enough! :)

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