Sunday, December 13, 2009

Find Comfort In A Hospital Stay! Review & Giveaway To Come!

So, after just finishing up my first review and giveaway I'm all ready to go for another round. I've been in touch with a company, Patient Style, who is out to change hospital stays as you know them. is all about improving the patient experience by providing exceptional products for the expectant mother and baby, stylish patient gowns for men and women, adorable gift baskets, which include the amazing antimicrobial slipper-socks. And it's this great item that I'll be hosting for my giveaway!

WoooHoooo! Seriously, I love and adore comfy socks! These become my all time favs. for the cold season, and I'm very pleased that took the time and consideration to add them to their selection.

My dad and brother are actually both having surgery at the beginning of 2010, to which I may just need to send them a gift basket from . It's nice to know there's a place I can go, pick out the items I want, and ship them to where they're needed, and feel comfortable and confident in the products I'm sending. So, be on the look out Dad and Josh, you may just be sportin' some nice slipper socks before too long. And they have just the right color for you, too, blue. :)

Stay tuned!

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