Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear Boobs: Just Another Insane Mommy Moment!

Dear Boobs,

I must apologize to you. After breastfeeding three lovely children, the wear and tear is finally shown. Do I really want to invest in a surgical procedure to alter you, lift you to new heights? Nope, not at all. For one, the funds aren't even there, and secondly, I'm too much of a baby to even suffer pain for my own vanity. But, I would like to offer you an alternative, *smiles*, a nice bra. That's right, ladies, it's time for a bit of shopping. While we may still droop in our natural state, we can at least look perky in our cute little tee's. :)

Motherhood is a great adventure, one in which you never can go back to the way in which you once were. You will forever be changed, but I think we'll all agree, it's a change for the better. :)
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