Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Feelin' The Pressure!

It has come to my attention that we should possibly hold Jeremy back a year in school.

It takes us hours to complete homework and study for tests. He has just now caught up to a second grade reading level. I'd rather not start the 3rd grade behind again. I'd rather get the foundations down now before he gets too far behind and begins to suffer with a complex of failure.

Being an educator myself I know what the research says about holding kids doesn't really improve anything, but something has to give. He cries almost daily while doing homework. This is no way to live life, not being 7 and realizing how sucky it all is.

It's hard as a parent to watch your child hurt. It's hard to not know what to do to help. It's hard to think, and know, that most kids have to fail and fail miserably before assessments are done or serious changes are made.

Parent - teacher conferences will be coming up soon; I'm not sure his teacher will agree but it's a gut feeling that this is what needs to be done. Education is extremely important in this family, and I can not allow my son to be set up as high-risk and not be more proactive about it.

Do I think there is a learning disability? No, I just think he was too young to start and has had a hard time keeping up. I just made the wrong call way back when.
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