Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Just So Sad

It just breaks my heart that Jeremy has such a hard time with his reading. I want to just hide away and cry for the boy but instead I become quiet, frustrated even, and withdrawl to a point. What do you say to your child who can't read well enough to understand his directions, to complete his homework, or to take tests?

I am amazed he has made it this far. He has great reasoning skills and tries to decifer the correct answer even without understanding half the words in a sentence. His math skills are great, but it's his overall attitude about it all that has me floored. He defintily becomes frustrated at times, but he never seems to be down on himself for it. He never seems to internalize the issue and view it as a personal failure.

Jeremy is one cocky kid and it seems it's more a gift than a true hinderance. He'll make his way, it may be a bumping road at times, but he'll keep his chin up the whole way, I know.

I've formally written a request to have him assessed. It may take several weeks but I truly believe he requires more help to succeed. Keep him in your prayers, please.
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