Saturday, January 30, 2010

YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals Review and Giveaway!

Maddie, signing, "more," for YoBaby's 3-in-1 Meals

I was recently approached by YoBaby in regards to reviewing their newest product, YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals . I was thrilled since Maddie had first tried YoBaby around 6 months and was already a fan of these delicious treats. So, now that she's older, I thought it was pefect timing that she moved into the 3-in-1 combination meals. YoBaby sent me several coupons for some free yogurt and we went straight out for some baby food shoppin'. :)

What I love about this yogurt is: 1. it's organic, and 2. it not only provides the health benefits of probiotic yogurt but it's also a 3-in-1 combination of yogurt + fruit + veggie puree all in one cup. Therefore, I don't have to worry about providing several different items for Maddie, wondering if she'll eat it all or whether or not I've made too large of a portion, with Yobaby 3-in-1 Meals she gets great nourishment with just the right amount.

And, YoBaby Meals comes in three delicious flavors: pear and green bean, peach and squash, and apple and sweet potato. Maddie just recently tried the apple and sweet potato, devouring all of the 4 ounces, which now comes in a multipack, priced reasonably at $2.99. YoBaby also offers a wide range of organic yogurts in a variety of flavors, now with the benefits of Vitamin D and Zinc. Other great YoBaby products include: the YoBaby original, in the six variety pack, the YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal with DHA, YoBaby Pluse Fruit & Cereal with Iron, YoBaby Simply Plain, which is a great baby's first yogurt, and also the YoBaby Drinkables.

So, thanks to YoBaby for making a nutritious, organic meal my baby, and yours, can enjoy now and for years to come. And, not only was YoBaby kind enough to send me free coupons for this review but they've always offered a great giveaway to one lucky reader. You'll receive:

1 Yobaby travel bowl with lid
1 Yobaby organic cotton bib
1 Eric Carle growth chart
3 free Yobaby Meals coupons

To enter to win, simply:

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Giveaway Ends 2/12/10, 9:00 pm eastern. US/Canadian Residents Only, Please.

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