Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Watching...

I'm sitting here, sifting through this and that, while Maddie and her Daddy play in the floor. It's a very quiet type of play. She had been napping when Daddy got home this evening and awoke right as he walked through the door. She hung out with me for a bit, nursing, and ever so often popping up to see what Daddy was up to, sitting across the room waiting on her attention. She would then kick her feet, make a clicking noise, which means she wants something, and then hurriedly jump back on the boob.

Life is grand when you know what to look for. I have so many blessings at the moment that to even try and name them all would surely entail me missing at least half a dozen of them. I am just so grateful for this very moment, sitting here while my family, minus two boys whom I'm always missing when they aren't around, just simply play.
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