Thursday, February 18, 2010

Training and Where It All Begins... is an amazing, FREE, fitness site that I've been using, off and on, for the past two years. I began it before I was pregnant, dropped 20 pounds with it, and then gained it all back with Maddie.

After giving birth I instantly lost the 20 pounds I'd gained with an added 30 more pounds within the next 5 months or so. And now, almost a year later, I've leveled off but still have the need and motivation to remove another 40 pounds.

I've taken it back to with a new desire to compete, complete, and dominate in a half marathon. I had to throw the dominate in there just for my own simple pride and vanity, but you get the point, this will be a hallmark of my life, one in which I'll look back on and say, "hey, if I could run that thing, then I certainly can do...."

Below are my daily updates, to which I'll also be adding them here. Please fell free to join me @ , using shecat07 as your referral (I get extra spark points if you do)


Day 1: Because I Want It So
Today began my first day of training for the half marathon in November.

I waited til my baby girl was asleep and then jumped on the treadmill. I got 10 minutes into it when she woke up. Well, insead of stopping there, I decided to go ahead and walk the remaining 20 minutes while holding her, another 20 lbs added to the work out. :)

She did great, just resting her head on my shoulder while I walked us in place. It actually was a really great workout and I can't believe my arms held up for the total of 10 minutes I held her. Daddy woke up from his nap and held her the remaining 10 minutes.

Overall, I'm excited and looking forward to the transformation this training will bring. :)

Happy Valentine's Day as well as Happy Chinese New Year. It is now the year of the Tiger. :)

Day 2: Rest Day
I awoke in the middle of the night for a bathroom break and realized my calves were pretty sore. I did an awesome circuit training class on Saturday, my walk began on Sunday, and today is the offical rest day. I'm glad. And, I'm taking it seriously. I had thought about a spin class tonight, but really, I should take this slow enough so not to develop any injuries. When I began hiking a few years ago, I injured my arch and it hurt, badly, for several weeks. I just dont wanna go back there.

I'll be purchasing some nice running shoes soon. I've had these shoes for about a year now and since I work with kids and wear tennis shoes all and every day, I know it's time for a new pair, especially with training.

Any advice on brands is welcome!

Day 4 Finds Me In The AM:
Day 3 ended up being a personal day, and well, we're gonna have those so let's just move through it and move on. :)

Day 4 finds me lying in bed around 4 something repeatedly hearing myself say, "we're gonna do it today. We're gonna walk. Get up. We're doing it!" I finally listened @ 5:10, threw on my work clothes (t-shirt and jeans), brushed my teeth, and then realized it was even later than I'd hoped for.

I got in 30 minutes and while walking I did 5 sets of shoulder presses, some punches, and rows (not really sure what to call those.) I also even tried some chi walking which seemed to easily lead into chi running. :) The stress definitly shifted from my calves to my hips and this is where I worry if my form is off.

*sighs, but a good sigh*

I'm definitly refreshed and awake now. :)

I hope this Wednesday finds you searching for a new you or at least excited about unearthing some new trait you never knew you had. :)

Day 5 Finds Me Tired:
Day 5 finds me tired and with a broken treadmill belt...but, I still have legs and the good Lord has provided me with a big neighborhood to walk. Do I dare step out and tackel the cold? Well, this body aint doin' nothin' just sittin' here!

Make it a great day!!
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