Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 17: Do-Able!

Running three minutes and walking 5, cycling through for 41 minutes is, indeed, do-able!

I am learning so much from running:

1. When I first began this program 3 weeks ago I would get up in the morning and tell my husband I was going out for my, "walk (pause) run." And now, whenever it's mentioned, it's purely, "running." No, I'm not up to miles yet, but, my identity as a runner has definitly taken over.

2. I'm beginning to understand that even though my body doesn't want something, like running in the cold, I can work through it, taking the lead, and getting it done. I've set out to accomplish this goal, whether it feels good or not, it's something I do. Even when my side is aching/burning and I'd rather turn around and go back home, my feet just keep moving. I keep running. :)

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