Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 21: Hitting 4 Minutes!

Below is my journal entry from
Day 21

I transitioned to running 4 minutes, walking 5, through a cycle of 33 minutes. I also did a 10 minute warm up on the bike before going out. It's a total of about 360 calories burned for 43 minutes of work outs.

The last run was hard. I didnt wanna do it. I begged myself not to do it, but then I realized it wasn't that my body was tired it was more that I was bored. I need to get my iPod from my son so I can run with music, however, no iPods allowed while running marathons so it is not better to train the way you will be running?

I really need to read up on running. I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Overall this day has gone up and down, up and down. My husband is on a cleaning frenze that I'm loving but it's also causing a new adjustment in the house. No, he was never a big cleaner in the past, and now, a whole week has gone by and he's still cleaning! Ok, I'm taking it...and loving it...but still, I'm cautious with change. :)

The training is going well as you can see above. I can't believe by next Wednesday I'll be running for 5 minutes straight. Oh, and I should have my new, FREE, gym membership by next week. Maybe getting into a gym with a friend will help with my boredom. *crosses fingers*

Jeremy's doctor appointment went well. We will be scheduling him some counceling to learn new strategies to use for when he's upset. I probably need to learn them as well.

Maddie went to the doctor Friday, to which we've picked up our first antibiotic. She seems to be doing better. It was just a freak fever that kept coming back. I can't believe she's 11 months old. I recently tried to cancel my breat pump rental but then changed my mind last minute when I couldn't locate my other pump at home. She's been weaning herself, at times, for more food, and I think I'll let her nurse a bit in the evenings and such even after I stop pumping. I'm torn over cow's milk. I'd rather go with soy. I'm gonna speak to the doctor as our year check up.

Papa and Patti are in town. Getting the house ready to sell is hard for me. It's a final moment of realizing my mom is gone and she'll never be back. I had a good cry on the way to the track today. Jesus is about people and not about things. Jesus loves people and not family treasures such as homes or furniture. It's hard to do what He asks of me at this moment. I'd rather clinge to what's familiar than trust Him on what I don't know.
That is all :)
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