Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 27: Weigh In!

Day 27

I wasn't that eager to get on the scales this morning, and, I was right, no change for this week. And yes, that means no gaining either...the plus side. :) However, I have lost inches. I removed .5 inches from my waist, .5 inches from thighs, and .5 inches from arms, to which I'm super excited. :)

I did get a work out in yesterday. I hit the gym with a friend and did my run. While on the treadmill I saw a cute little 5k button and then realized I have a month til the 5k race day that I wanted to RUN. That's right, I am hoping to run my first three miles in an actual race. :) So, this next month I will begin training, with my program, but stretching it out til I hit 3 miles. Right now I can cover 2.25 miles in 30 minutes so hitting 3 miles a work out shouldn't take much longer. I'll keep cycling through the walk/run as the program says but I really wanna get the feel for the distance on this.

In other news, I'm super busy, super stressed, and have the best hubby and kids in the whole-entire world! Enjoy this fab-u-lous Friday, Friends!!!
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