Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 25 Finds Me @ 5 Minutes!

Day 25

I can't believe I've been with this program for almost a whole month. What an accomplishment! I have only changed one day on the program and I made up for that yesterday.

A friend of mine was able to get me a 6 month gym membership and I broke it in yesterday morning @ 6:00. We had inservice at school so I wasn't taking Maddie in with me and decided that was the best moment to get a good run on a treamill.

I did a cycle of walking/running for 4 minutes and it felt great. Today, however, I bumped it up to 5 minutes. I'm very impressed with this program. It's brought me from running 30 seconds at a time to 5 minutes. And, here on out the walking portion will decrease while the running increases. I'm also thinking I'll be hitting my 1.5 miles soon.

There are so many people at my work running this marathon in November. I spoke with a friend yesterday whose up to 4 miles. I felt like a baby ant compared to her. I even questioned whether or not I'd be able to get up to 13 miles this year. She reassured me that it was possible and that I'd do it.

Honestly, I don't care if I have to walk the 13 miles, it's getting done. :)

In other news, my professor is doing an observation of my classroom today. Yeah, I'm a bit nervous about it. It's part of my grade, I have no rubric for his observation which is a big "no, no" for most educators now a-days, and the write up portion states that we are to write his recommendations for the room, as if it's already known that there will be recommendations. I shouldn't freak, we scored great on all our other national and state obersations, but again, I just don't know what this person is looking for.

Our new worker started yesterday. Jill is her name. :) She had to leave early due to not feeling so well. Ohhhhhh, what if she doesn't show up today?? Please, Lord, you made today and today is well, just take care of it all. I'll accept whatever you give, or at least try to. Let your will be done!
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