Monday, June 21, 2010

The Body After Baby Project

New motivation brings life to an old hobby...

I've recently joined a group of other women in their search for a fitter self. Check out Hope Springs Eternal for an in-depth look at the project.

Today's post for me will consist of my kick off picture with weight, as well as a laid out plan for the week's fitness. I'm hoping to post weekly updates on my success as well as comments on how my work out planning goes. I'm pretty new to this side of things in the fitness world, my plan usually consists of saying, "ok, this week I'll run 3 days with 2 walk days in between those." However, I now want to actually lay it all out and really focus on detailing my plans so that they are more concrete and possibly easier to stick with. Also, I've recently learned that ALL work outs should be purposeful, and not just purposeful in the sense of moving your body but by actually working towards and producing a goal.

What a great idea! Now just to get in the hang of actually understanding what purpose each of my work outs will have. :)

Workout Plan:

Monday: distance run

(morning) 30 minute bike

(afternoon) 3 mile run, aiming for 10 min/mi, 30 min. with no walk breaks

Tuesday: cardio w/ strength training

(morning) 30 minute bike

(afternoon) walk 1.5 miles, 15 min/mi

3 sets biceps

3 sets back

3 sets forarms

Wednesday: distance run

(morning) 30 minute bike

(afternoon) run 3 miles, 10 min/mi, 30 min. w/ no walk breaks

Thursday: cardio w/ strength training

(morning) 30 minute bike

(afternoon) walk 1.5 miles, 15 min/mi

3 sets triceps

3 sets chest

3 sets shoulders

Friday: cardio/rest day

(morning) 30 minute bike

Due to such a busy schedule this week, i.e. working vaction bible school and Friday being graduation @ work as well as half day, this week's schedule is flexible. I haven't actually completed a whole week of bike riding each morning, therefore I'm not 100% how it's gonna effect my knees, and I may need to adjust it or slow it down a bit at first. I also have never added weights as well as cardio in with my work outs on the same day.

And, now on to the goals!

Running Goal: to run 3 miles in 30 minutes, which will consist of 10 minute miles, non-stop. My norm for 3 miles is about 36 minutes, however, I'd like to cut out the walking and just run straight through. Now, just because I do this once doesn't actually mean the goal is met. We can all be lucky, right? :) So, my goal is met when and only when I've completed this task 5 times. My reward: sushi!

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