Monday, July 5, 2010

Body After Baby Project: Week 2, Completed!

Body After Baby: 2nd Week Completed!

So, this week has not been so dramatic as the last, but I have learned a great deal about my body and work outs. I was able to maintain the previous 6 pounds of weight loss but was unable to remove anymore, so, I've opted to look at my work out schedule and make some adjustments.

1. With the help of I was able to keep track of my workout minutes as well as calories burned. I had planned to work out 200 minutes, burning 1440 calories for the week. I ended up working out 172 minutes, burning 1520 calories. And yet, I simply maintained my weight loss.

2. I've decided, once again, not to solely focus on weight loss but to try and keep my focus on my fitness. So, I'm making a commentment to strive for 45 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week. This would up my totaly weekly minutes to: 225, burning 1620 calories per week. I had orginally thought I'd up it to 60 minutes of cardio, daily, but instead felt that was a bit unrealistic and will strive to reach that goal within the next coming weeks.

3. Looking back on the previous week, I realize I was able to get in more work out times (259), burned more calories (1757), as well as worked VBS which limited my dinners to 300 calorie frozen dinners, i.e., lower calories for the week and longer workouts = greater weight loss. I gotcha!
4. The only wrench in my plan this coming week is the fact that I start my 8 hour, 10 days, high-intensity, will get me 6 hrs. credit, & a teacher certification, classes. That's right, folks, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM I'll be bustin' my butt to get two courses completed in 10 days, which normally would take 12 weeks. *chuckles* Do I really think I'll pull off 45 minutes of cardio a day while doing all this? Am I so arrogant to even think I should tackle this challenge as well as school?? I so am. :)

Work Out Schedule:

15 minute elliptical
30 minute run

(morning) 30 minute bike
(afternoon) 15 minute walk (1 mile, 15 min/mi)
3 sets chest
3 sets back
100 crunches

(morning) 30 minutes elliptical
(afternoon) 4 mile run

(morning) 45 minute bike ride

(morning) 30 minute elliptical
15 minute run
45 minute workout for a total of 5 days.
Starbucks coffee :)

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