Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2: Your First Love

OMGoodness, I'm not even sure where to start on a first love. I mean there was that little boy in elementary school that always made me smile and feel nervous when he was around and then there was the first "real" boyfriend I had. I guess we should go there. :)

I was 14, which is really way too young to be dating. My boyfriend was 16 and driving. He lived about 30 minutes away from me, going to a different school and such. We talked on the phone as if it was the only behavior we actually knew how to do. He went to my 8th grade dance with me, again, I was way too young to be dating.

Ummm, I really don't know what to say about him. Oh, Andy, was/is his name. We lost touch with each other about 15 years ago, and I really have no idea what he's up to. I've tried to look him up on Facebook but have had no luck. Not really sure what I'd say anyway.

They were good times. :) I actually broke up with him to date my first husband, which then I was 15. Wow, I just can't imagine my daughter being so young, having serious relationships. Nope, I don't believe that will be happening. Let's say, she can date when she's oh...20. :) Sounds good.
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