Monday, August 16, 2010

McFatty Mondays & BABProject: Week 9

Last week's workout schedule included:
Monday: swim
Tuesday: swim
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: swimming four laps before the pool was closed due to rain showers
Friday: playing in the pool with my girl
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: spending the day with my sick baby girl. just couldnt do the run

So, as you see, this last week was definitly a relaxing one for me. I actually even felt a bit bummed for not working out harder. I did enjoy my easy going mornings, though. However, that's gonna change this coming week. I just can't handle it. I need more. I need harder. Relaxing is fun and well, relaxing, but it's boring to me and does in no way relieve my stress from work/life and thefore, doesn't benefit me the way it actually could if I put some real effort into it.

I am enjoying working on my swim, though. I'm working on the breaststroke, which is taking some time to prefect, but over all it's fun, and seriously, I've only almost drowned, twice, so I'm doing good. :)

This week I plan on enjoying:
Monday: 30 min. eliptical, 30 min. swim
Tuesday: 30 min. eliptical, 2 mile run, 30 min. swim
Wednesday: 30 min. eliptical, 30 min. swim
Thursday: 30 min. eliptical, 2 mile run, 30 min. swim
Friday: 30 min. eliptical, swimming with the kids!
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 6 - 7 mile run

drinking 64 ounces/day
2.5 veggies, 2 fruits/day
75 grams protein/day
1800 - 2000 calories/day

SW: 186
LW: 182.5
CW: 181
Down: 1.5 pounds this week!
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