Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 11: Feelin' Pretty Good...

Week 11 of the BABProject and McFatty Mondays finds me sitting exactly where I was last week. However, I did try something different this past week, eating 1,000 calories by lunch and then reserving another 1,000 for dinner/snacks. I must admit, when I did eat my 2,000 a day, I didn't experience those famished, low blood sugar episodes that I usually do, and, I think the best way to lose weight is to be able to trick the body that you're not starving yet still lower daily calories. So, I'm gonna keep at this for another week or so and see if the scale moves. On a side note, my heart monitor shows me burning over 2,500 a day so cutting out 500 per day should make a difference.

In the area of workouts, I got that great run in last Sunday, burning over 900 calories which helped to push this week's calorie burn to over 1900 calories. Yesterday, however, I didn't get my long run in due to family plans and a quad muscle injury from when earlier in the week I did massive squats and I'm still paying for it, however, I did get an hour workout on the eliptical, burning over 700 calories, so that's worth something.

And now on to the bragging part, I went out Saturday and bought a new outfit, and, I bought a size 14 pants that I haven't been in to in years...I mean years. :) Below are a few pics of me and Maddie Sunday morning before church. I couldn't believe how good I actually looked. I'm actually proud and happy with my body image at the moment, however, I'm still striving for more, but for right now, I'm pretty good. :)

and as you can see, motherhood is never ending, not even when you're trying to get a quick pic in. :)

and so Maddie and I took one together...
Overall I'm still learning, working, & training but today I'm happy. I may not be where I plan on being, but I'm moving in the right direction, :)

Workout Schedule:

Monday: morning - 35 minute elliptical

Tuesday: morning - 35 minute elliptical

Wednesday: morning - 35 minute elliptical
Thursday: morning - 35 minute elliptical
Friday: morning - 35 minute ellitpical
Saturday: rest day!
Sunday: 8 mile run

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