Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sharefest Saturday With Frantic Mommy!

Here's to another Sharefest Saturday!

I am happy to introduce you to Rebecca from Frantic Mommy . A Mom-Blogger who lays it out for all to see with a great sense of humor and a captivating writing style. It didn't take long, ok, maybe a post or two, before I truly was engrossed into this woman's life; full of creativity and illustration, Frantic Mommy is a must read blog.
Howdy all! Dear sweet Miss Toni was kind enough to let me invade her turf and be a guest blogger this week! Cool Beans. I like Toni's blog. It's positive and uplifting. We could all use more of that these days.

When we crossed paths on Twitter and she mentioned she was looking for a guest blogger, I jumped at the chance. This Franticmommy is always looking for opporunties to bail on the Kingdom of Tired. In the tone of Toni's blog, this is what I would like to share:
The Berenstein Bears Count Their Blessings-Franticmommy Style

The other night, I read this book to our 7 year old. It's an old fav in our house.

It's a great kid's book about being grateful about what you have, and not to worry so much about "keeping up with the Joneses"..Bear Country style, that is.

BUT apparently I wasn't paying much attention to the message in the book because just an hour-or-so later, I was stomping about the house in TEARS (can you say PMS???) I had decided to throw myself a full blown Pity Party For One. I was miffed at myself, my world, my hubby (poor dude), and anyone else who dared cross my path.

If the fish could have gotten out of the tank, I would have been pissed at them too.

I was P.O'd because I was "sick of our house". SICK of the tininess. SICK of the 1/2 story with slanted ceilings, SICK of one bathroom for four people. Biotch, Biotch, Biotch.

For everyone's safety..I went to bed.

The next morning with a clearer head I realized how petty & selfish all thinking that really was. How I needed to "count my blessings" like the Berenstain Bears. I got up, kicked myself in the pants, and thanked God I HAD a nice house and roof over my head. That I HAD a beautiful family to share that roof with me.

Attitude Adjustment.. ACTIVATE!

I knew I needed to be grateful for what I already HAD and stop wallowing in "what should be."

I'm lucky. I really have very little to complain about. Don't even get me started on stories of friends who have lost jobs, then houses over the last few years. Or loved ones.

Then I read an absolutely amazing post from friend and fellow blogger Laura at The Rad Life . She made this observation after having a crappy bout of stomach flu for two 2 weeks.
"There are people with cancer, and people going through chemo and radiation. There are people with chronic pain, and people without limbs. There are people who can't see, and people who have to be fed through a tube. There are people who can't move, and people who can't speak. I have stomach pains. And no appetite.
But I'm alive. And I have my family, my husband, and my business to be thankful for. I have so. much. to be thankful for and instead, I've been focusing on how crappy I feel."

WOW, girlfriend. Double WOW.

She really reinforced how needless my whole little "Mama Drama" scene was. She helped me see that sometimes we need to stop, re-adjust, and re-remind ourselves that though our lives are not perfect, what we have it still a blessing.

So here's to living life. On this Brand New Day, let's give thanks for the blessings in our lives and send out some positive thoughts to those who may be quietly fightly tough battles. Now I am gonna put this back on YOU o'valued reader. What are YOU grateful for?

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