Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 7: My Best Friend

Oh, you so know this is gonna be one of those cheesy posts...

My best friend, of course, is my Hubs. Sean and I became friends 7 years ago and what a ride it's been. He's been there through thick and thin. He was there when my mom passed, when I went back to school, when I got my job and then my promotion with my job, and then our relationship turned into more.

And I must admit, our love and relationship has grown and changed so much after Maddie was born. He became a daddy which took on so much more for him.

We argue plenty, we disagree even more, but we laugh, and we play, and challenge and support one another. He gives me butterflies in my belly when I look across a room and see him. He frustrates me to no end, and is the only true person that I give a damn about what he thinks and says about me.

He's my man. He's got my back. He's everything I need...and then a bit more.

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