Thursday, September 9, 2010

What A Week!

It's been an unbelievable week!

It started 2 Fridays ago when I lost my wallet, or so I thought. I had dropped it out in the local CVS parking lot Thursday evening, not knowing it of course, I called Friday morning and cancelled all my cards, debit card included. I then would need to wait 7 to 10 days for a new card. I wrote my last check a couple of days ago...I have since then reordered more checks. :) They're expensive now a days, if you didn't know...

So, being without my regular means of money was not enough to put a wrinkle in this girls skirt, I moved on. My husband became sick after working on a leak under our kitchen sink. Black mold had begun growing so he used bleach water to clean it. He saw his doctor a couple days later and was diagnosis with Asthma and given meds. He took those meds for a couple of days until he was bedridden with aches/pain/and a swollen gut.

He went back to the doctor this past Tuesday to find that his steriod medication had caused temporay arthritis. Talk about a side effect. He muscled through his next day at work, Wednesday, which was yesterday, and on the way home got pulled over for speeding in his work van. The police officer said he smelt alcohol. Well, my husband delievers wine and there is occassionally a broken bottle, which would easily explain the smell. Nope, instead he called his boss to say my husband was intoxicated, and yet, he was only cited for speeding. My husband is now on suspension, pending a copy of the citation. He has another meeting tomorrow, he may lose his job.

We made it through all this. I put all my faith in the Lord, and we muscled through. Tonight as we were getting ready for bed my daughter jumped out of my husband's arms onto our bed and then instantly began crying. She is now getting an x-ray as I type this. I'm at home with my son since it's a school night and he needs his sleep.

Is this the hair that breaks the camels back? It almost could be. I'm just about tired of all this drama. However, my God is an awesome God who doesn't let little things like life get Him down. He's above all that, you see, and He asks me to do the same. I don't think it's necessaryly as important on what happens within a situation but rather on how you respond to it. My life feels pretty chaotic, but my God is stable; a rock, unshakable, and unmovable. I may not like it, but then again, it's not about what I like, it's about what I'm willing to do when called out to do it.

p.s. I just got a call from Sean and Maddie hasn't broken her arm. It seems as if a ligament that runs down to the elbow popped out of place and has now popped back in. God saved the day, once again. :)

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